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Robbie Sifrit

Robbie Sifrit


Robbie Sifrit was born and raised in Charlotte County Florida.  After graduating college, he moved back to his home town and was a school teacher and soccer coach at Charlotte High school from 1996 to 2000.  In 1998 Robbie got his real estate license and in 2000 he went full time as a realtor.  In 2002 Robbie married his College sweetheart Sonja and in 2004 they had their first child (Parker), their second child (Hunter Kaley) was born in 2006.  When he is not at the soccer fields or volleyball courts with his kids Robbie enjoys hunting and fishing.  Robbie has successfully helped thousands of clients find or sell their home.  In 2004 Robbie partnered with a fellow retired teacher Debra Dees and formed the Sifrit and Dees team. The Sifrit and Dees team has consistently been in the top 1% of realtors in Charlotte County averaging over 270 home sales a year for the past five years.

“We take pride in being a small team of likeminded individuals that work hard for our clients.  Everyone on our team has specific tasks which allows them to focus on doing one aspect of real estate transactions and become an expert at it.  That has served us well.” Robbie Sifrit.

The way the team is currently set up If you are listing your house you will work directly with Robbie.  If you are going to purchase real estate, you will be matched with one of our buyers specialist based on your criteria to help you find the property that best meets all of your needs.  To talk directly to Robbie call 941 628 4761.